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Dear Future Powered Parachute Pilot,

Thank you for inquiring about Powered Parachutes, THE SKY FULL OF FUN MACHINE!

Just a few hours of supervised flight with our A.S.C. Certified flight instructors will let  you enjoy low and slow flying over the countryside while giving you the best reserved seat in the sky. Enjoy the ever changing scenery passing by below--IT JUST CAN'T GET ANY BETTER!!

Powered Parachutes are also referred to as A.R.V.'s, Aerial Recreational Vehicles by some pilots. Ranchers and farmers have other ideas for this aircraft and labeled it the L.A.C.A.V., Low Altitude Crop Assessment Vehicle. Using it to check fences, irrigation pivots, crops, and also searching for lost livestock, farmers can even consider this aircraft as Farm Equipment at tax time. It's being done.

Here at HOP'S we have a group of pilots volunteering their aircraft and service at times to search for lost children, livestock, etc. If you are into photography you will find that this aircraft makes a good camera platform.

Here is some insight about HOP'S operation. We got involved with powered parachuting in 1984, when it was introduced to the public via Popular Mechanics and ParaPlane Corp.  What makes it so exciting to us was watching the first Powered Parachute flight June 4, 1967. In addition, it all started here at the University of Notre Dame near South Bend, Indiana.  The rest is history.

Since 1984 we have trained 2,300+ powered parachute pilots, ranging in age from ten to seventy-eight years old, male and female. Hop has also accumulated 23,000+ hours of instruction time teaching the art of Powered Parachuting. As far as we know the pilots all enjoyed their experience with us.

Last but not least, the most frequently asked question is HOW SAFE IS IT? With proper flight training and  common sense, this craft is the safest when it comes to operating recreational vehicles.

Hop has been flying general aviation aircraft since 1956 and has a private pilot's certificate, but during the last few years he has become addicted to flying powered parachutes.

So if you have the desire, we have the means to introduce you to this type of sport aviation. Feel free to stop by or give us a call for more information. We can even help you in owning your personal craft (NEW OR USED) should you be so inclined.


God Bless & Keep-Um Flying

Wyman "Hop" Hochstetler, Maryln Hochstetler and Della Kay Egger

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