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Thanks to Hop and Maryln for all the help you were to me. I want to
especially thank Hop for his expertise, his experience, and his
teaching. I've had many great teachers in my lifetime, but none were
better than Hop. I was overwhelmed by how much he knew about
everything involving flying and powered parachutes. I am grateful I
had him for my teacher, and that he was the one who got me my aircraft.

I've had the greatest luck at home. I went to the nearby small
airport and asked for permission to fly there. However, they were
reluctant because of my slow speed, but told me of a landing field at
a nearby farm. One I never knew about. So, I went there. It's a
protected farm, that is, it can never be used for anything but
farming. The owner, whose dad was a flyer, welcomed me. They have
two long runways: one goes E-W and one N-S. They are about as wide
as yours, and they are kept mowed. Just perfect. I can't wait for my
first flight.

So, I know I was very impatient, but everything has turned out well,
and I have you two to thank for it.