Hop's Annual Chili Dump 2005
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December 15, 2004

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Maryln getting every thing just right.

The pilots and families begin to gather and chat...

Hop is making sure everything taste ok...yeah right.

With everything in order Maryln gets everyone's attention...

and picks someone to give grace Dan Barden is chosen.

Main course! Looks like quite the concoction, but as always it is guaranteed to be great!

This is our latest food taster and takes after Great Grandpa...none other than ol'  Hoppy. She has volunteered to make sure the dessert is worthy of the feast.

Chow line ==>

Chow line ==>

Brian demonstrating "Rapid Plate Clean-up" He swears it's sure to get you seconds before the last person in the chow line has managed to get "firsts"

Chow line ==>

Chow line ==>

Would this count as seconds since he tasted everything before the line started. Puzzling concept.

Treetop and the newest addition to the pilot's lounge meet Ashley Billingsley. Also his nephew's new addition to the family.

Treetop's daughter Jessica Taulbee and new pilot to be.

Kevin & Chrissy Billingsley the proud parents of Ashley. Being showered with gifts and thoughtfulness. As Maryln & Hoppy welcome the new pilot to be to the family.

Can't forget the traditional door prizes! As usual Hop has a prank prize up his sleeve, and a story or three to tell.

Hop takes a shot at Bill Wolverton. No one is spared.

Being held by Hop makes it official. Ashley has been officially entered into the the group "Pilots to Be"

You know, each year when I do this dinner as well as all of the events throughout the year and put them up on the web for Hop & Maryln, for those that attended the event, and of course for those out there browsing for information, I have come to realize one thing... I repeat myself each and every year, each and every event..."Great food, great folks, great friends, great year". Those that attend know why I repeat myself and I know why I repeat myself. But for those that just stumbled upon this site in search of information, let me tell you that the reason for repeating is simply because it is true. You have not only stumbled upon a great place to get the information you're looking for but you have found a flying family that knows no strangers and welcomes one and all.
From the bottom of my heart I would like to say thanks Hop & Maryln for being there for all of us and touching our lives. The gift that you give is the most the most precious gift of all...the gift of unselfish kindness.

 May God bless you folks always.


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