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Letters from Satisfied Customers


  To Hop, Marilyn, Ed, Roger and the whole crew, including Savanna.

 Just a quick note to let you all know that I sure had a great time with you all. I learned a lot from Ed and Hop. Marilyn's hospitality made me feel like I'd known you all for a long time. Of course now I am hooked and only want more of the powered parachute fun. I'm definitely in the market for a used aircraft, or should I say a pre-enjoyed aircraft. I know that anything that I would purchase from you would be good. Marilyn, maybe you could periodically send me info on the aircraft that you folks have for sale. Once again, thank you for the great time and the knowledge.

Bob Studer Baker
College Campus Safety 766-4259


Dear Hop and Marilyn,

 I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you both for all the work you did for me to repair my plane and to help me get a trailer to keep the plane in.  All the work that you did was excellent and my plane was truly better than new when I got it back.  There were some things that were not right on my plane when I took delivery from another dealer and you looked carefully at the plane and made the necessary changes to make the plane mechanically correct.   Thank you for all the time you spent on my behalf.


Dear Hop & Maryln,

I just wanted to thank you for salvaging my dream to fly a powered parachute.  As you know, I came to you for training even though I had about 4 hours of experience in my PPC, (not a Buckeye).  I was lacking confidence in the PPC that I had, and wanted it checked out by your staff.  My PPC was checked by Brian a top notch Rotax Mechanic.  He took a good look at my PPC and found many items that needed to be adjusted or repaired.  If those items had not been addressed, as I think back, it could have been trouble.  Then Hop test flew my PPC and had the same problems that I had experienced.  On your recommendation I purchased a Legal Eagle and moved my chute and my engine over to the my new Legal Eagle frame and have  had nothing but success.   I just want to thank all of you for your help and professionalism.  The smartest move anyone can make is coming to your place for training, and I highly recommend the Buckeye Products.    Please feel free to use me as a reference.  I hope to come to your 2006 fly-in .

God Bless and Merry Christmas!


Paul Church
Howard City, Michigan

Dear Hop & Maryln,

I returned home after a 14 hour drive and I could feel the distance between us increasing with every mile and hour I drove but came to realize that it was only physical since I feel just as close in my mind now as I did driving out of Hochstetler Pines with my new Buckeye Breeze.

As the miles passed I had plenty of time to reflect on the past 2 weeks of training to pilot a Powered Parachute. But it doesn’t stop there, What I learned was far more than flying. I learned how friendly and giving others can be.

The pilot training I received can only be described as “Top Notch”, The best that anyone could expect. With Hop’s record of training over 2000 pilots and his never-ending patience, strict attention to Safety and Fun Flying I can see why people travel such great distances to be trained by him. Just as Wayne “Jack of all Trades” Pontious said “This is a sport that will teach you patience”. I didn’t know what that meant at first but after 2 weeks of what seemed to be endless waiting I now understand just what he meant  since I have been waiting since I returned home to my 9-5 job and the weekend seems like it is not going to cooperate, So I’ll just wait patiently and see.

During my stay with you I have never felt closer to others outside of my small circle of friends here in New York State. I seem to have taken home with me more than pilot training. I also brought with me some of the best memories of my life. Some of the best times were sitting at the picnic table just talking with the other pilots and learning just by listening and asking questions that I think always were answered by at least one of the best experienced pilots that anyone could ever hope to meet.

I feel proud to say that I was trained at “Hops Powered Parachutes” by the best instructors in this great country of ours and would say to anyone that was even thinking of flying a PPC that the only place I would suggest being trained to fly is at your facility. But be careful because you will definitely bring home more than you ever thought possible.

I’m looking forward to the next time I can get out there and be around the best family and friends I have ever found.

With Kind Regards,
NY Fred Watson
Florida, NY

Dear Hop & Maryln,

I just want you to know how much I appreciate you wonderful people. Thanks for opening a whole new world of enjoyment and sharing it with me. It started in mid December when Hop and I went to the Buckeye factory in Argos and I picked out a Powered Parachute. It was only a frame then but now it is a machine with over 25 hours of having the most wonderful flying experience I have ever had and along the way I have met so many good friends that make you feel right at home. That is the special part that has made my time so special at Hops. I feel so comfortable and at home here and I look forward to each visit. After all traveling sometimes nearly 500 miles just to get there must say something. I can't say enough about Hop and his thoughtful attention to detail in his teaching and instruction. It truly inspires you to be the very best you can be. Many thanks to all the others who have helped me along the way, Wayne, Bobby, Jim, Brian and even the two dogs that always come to greet you. A special thanks to Della who is always washing dishes and makes just the best coffee. I feel so blessed to have met you all. Thank you Maryln for being the kind Christian person that you are. You and Hop have raised a fine family. I feel so very blessed to have met each and every one. I hope to visit for many years to come.
I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn to fly by the very best and also meet some great friends to check Hop out.
God bless you all,

Bill Elwell

Dear Hop & Maryln

I have followed your events for many years and have placed you on my  website for the whole world to see how a well organized event can be filled with fun, fellowship, and safe flying. The fellowship is extended not only to the the folks that are there year after year (regulars), but to the curious newcomers, those there for the first time because of their desire to learn to fly and even to the spectators new and old that just come to watch the incredible flying machines. When all is said and done at the end of the weekend, those same people regardless of their reason for being there, go away with a smile on their face, something new learned and most important of all a warmth in their heart for the two great people that make it possible - Hop & Maryln .

Let me say thanks folks for all your love and all that you have done for the thousands of lives you have touched. Your dedication and love for the sport has been paramount and will go down in history as the one greatest contribution to the promotion of powered parachutes. What you have done in twenty years could not have been accomplished without the sincere warmth, kindness, thoughtfulness, and dedication to safety that you both possess.

To quote Hop and Maryln: "May God bless & keep 'em flying safely!"

Thank you so much and Happy Anniversary!

Homer "Treetop" Taulbee

Dear Maryln & Hop:

About a year ago I took an introductory flight with a local BFI in a powered parachute. Upon completion I decided I wanted to get further training in one. After checking with several BFI's and other organizations I could not find any that trained full time or had any formal training guidelines in my area. They could not answer the many questions I had about the sport at the time. Many flew from their back fields and would not solo you unless you owned a unit. When I saw your ad in the ASC magazine I decided to give you a call. What a great surprise. A wonderful lady by the name of Maryln answered the phone, could answer my questions and advised that they are a full-time training organization. I made an appointment to fly in a couple of weeks. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by Darla who advised that Hop and Maryln would be in shortly and told me where the coffee pot was (just like being at home). She also was able to answer any of the questions I still had. My training began with a dual flight with an AFI named Bobby, who made the flight very instructional and a great learning experience. Hop, thank you, the relaxed atmosphere was very conducive to learning. But the strict learning guidelines and procedures followed by your organization and instructors and your personal attention made the training safe, enjoyable and a great experience. Everyone at your airfield, including the other BFI's, AFI's and the other pilots there made me feel like part of the family. My goal is to become a BFI and as far as my training is concerned there will only be one place I will train at - Hop's Powered Parachutes, Inc. You and your people have the factuality, the experience, and the area to do the professional and safe training that I need. When asked by someone where I got my training, I will tell them there is only one place to be trained if you want it done safely and right -- at Hop's Powered Parachutes, Inc. in Indiana, where you become part of their family.

Hope to see you in a few weeks for further training.

Dan Forman
Mantua, Ohio

Dear Hop & Maryln:

I am writing you this letter to say thanks for introducing me to the joy of flying. I have known you now for four years and have flown as many years. From the first day I flew I knew I had picked the right place to experience this great adventure I have always dreamed of doing. Both of you welcomed me from the beginning and I feel like I am part of the family.

I have bought two units from you and the buying experience was about as enjoyable as the actual flying. You were very professional and the delivery of both units were well within a reasonable time frame. I am sure I will purchase more powered parachutes in the future and you will be my one and only dealer that I will trust to get me what I want. Your company sells the best powered parachute on the market and I would be kidding myself if I were to go to another dealer.

My training at Hop's is the best I have seen. You can go to other fly-in's and you can tell Hop's pilots from the other pilots. Hop's pilots fly with professionalism and with safety always at the forefront. I feel I am a good advanced flight instructor and I attribute that to both of you. I feel I will be an excellent instructor like Hop one of these days just because of Hop's wealth of knowledge that he shares with me each and every day.

The second thing I would like to thank you for is the opportunity to start up and run Hop's Service Center, Inc. To be able to come to work every day and do something that I enjoy is a dream come true. The service center has been open now for about two years and business is great. Our sales and service continues to increase significantly every year. Working with the both of you is very rewarding. Your 20 years of experience in the business has contributed greatly to our success. I look forward to working with you in the future and sharing in the success of the service center.

Keep up the great work!!!!!
Happy Flying,
Brian McCallen, AFI Bin 004076
Hop's Service Center, Inc.

Dear Hop and Maryln:

After three years of training in powered parachutes, under your careful tutorage, I wanted to express my thoughts about you and your business - Hop's Powered Parachutes.

Initially, in the year 2000 I became interested in powered parachutes and wanted to locate a training facility which would allow me the best possible education. Your advertisement in a national publication, Aero Sport Connection, perked my interest.

My residence is in Port Jervis, NY and your flight school is in Indiana, which may seem a problem. However, your advertisement and reputation within the industry demanded that I contact you for possible training.

The first phone call confirmed my research that you are indeed a training professional, and equally important, a gentleman of the highest caliber. The fact that you have been conducting a training facility since 1984 and have trained over 2100 pilots, speaks to your dedication and commitment to the powered parachute industry.

I have traveled to Indiana from New York ten times since the year 2000 and have learned a tremendous amount of flying skills and techniques, under your leadership. I have purchased a new aircraft and trailer from you and was very happy with all my business transactions with you. It has been my pleasure to refer other New York State customers to you and your flight school.

On a personal note, I must also state that you and Maryln have made me feel to be a member of your family. You have become a teacher, mentor, and finally, a close friend whom I hold in the highest respect.

Soft Landings,
William H. Mino

Hi Folks!

20 years of friends, flying and fun with Hop and Maryln...There's no better place to make good friends and safely experience the thrill of aviation than this wonderful place just outside of Walkerton, Indiana.

After 20 years since my first powered parachute flight the thrill and excitement are just as real - just as intense! Truly, the best times of my life have been with Hop, Maryln, their family, and my fellow aviation enthusiasts.

My first flight with Hop and Maryln was 20 years ago - the excitement never died! My life has been enriched by my experiences with them and all the friends I've made there over the years. I can think of nothing better than pursuing aviation with the truly good people who are drawn to this little bit of heaven.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'll see you next month!


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