Fun Fly Fly-in 2005
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August 13 - 14 2005
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"Two gloomy days didn't keep us from having fun." 

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August 12, 2005
Pilot's briefing for the
"Day early arrivals".

Rain, wind, fog, & overcast not looking good.

A handful of hopefuls...

is just enough for a pilot's briefing.


Hop laying down the rules.
August 13, 2005

Saturday morning and still not looking good

Pilot's briefing...



Who is this masked pilot lined up for the inspection and registration?

It's Joe Turpin

Hard to keep a good pilot from participating.

Hop's Service Center provides a shelter for Hop's gang as they wait out the rain.

Some find shelter wherever they can.

Little Emma has found a place to stay dry and a new friend.

Hop takes time to give another one of his prank gifts to one of the pilots.

He is presenting Leonard Creed with a jar fuel to be used the next time he runs out in flight. Long story but Hop told it all.

Since the weather didn't cooperate for the morning events Maryln gets everyone's attention for grace and lunch.

As usual no one goes hungry at Hop's and Maryln's...what a feast!

Man what a spread!

The chow line...

Brian caught sneaking out with second helpings...BUSTED!

After lunch the rain has stopped for the moment, but now we must wait out the wind

A late registration.
"The French Connection"
Hop welcomes all brands, make and models provided the aircraft and pilot have the proper inspection and current paper work.

Here's a "Kodak" moment!
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