Our Photo Gallery
Updated 03-08-08

Hop doing what he enjoys the most!

Hop on the cover of Aero Connections

Hop scrubs up pretty good I'd say...
This one can be enlarged by clicking.
Hop scrubs up pretty good!

Hop & Maryln

The three Amigos!

Bobby & Emma - Way too much KIMO!

Hop, Maryln, & Ashley the latest addition to our "Future Pilots"

Bobby & Hop Pilot in Command

Hop & a Future Pilot Javin Baunch

2007 Fun Fly & Benefit for The Rush Family
The New Sport Pilots Potluck 2007
2006 Fun Fly & Benefit for Kirsten Clark
Potluck 2006 Hop's 20th Anniversary
Chili Dump 2005 Potluck 2004 & Service Center Open House
Lady Flyers A letter from Shelby
Breakfast Flight 2005 What is it?
2005 "Fun Fly" Fly-in North Liberty Parade & Bremen Fair
2005 "Fun Fly" Planning Team Recent Solo Flights
Potluck & BFI Refresher 2005 Photo Gallery #1
Sport Pilot Training Course & BFI Refresher Course Photo Gallery #2
Hop's Annual Chili Dump 2004 Photo Gallery #3
Hop's Gang at Boyer's 8th Annual Fly-in Photo Gallery #4
Hop's Gang at Three Rivers Potluck 2002
Hop weraing the latest in Fly-in hats.

Daisy is enjoying every minute of this!

The Miltenberger Family Bobby taking Jack on his first flight in a PPC! Emma showing the boys how it's done...

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