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Light-Sport Repairman with a Maintenance Rating

Light-Sport Repairman With a Maintenance Rating. This is a new certificate level created by the SP/LSA rule. It allows the holder to perform maintenance (beyond preventive maintenance) and the annual condition inspection on an aircraft certificated either as a special light-sport aircraft (S-LSA) and/or an experimental light-sport aircraft( E-LSA). To obtain this certificate an individual must complete a training course deemed acceptable by the FAA for the particular class of aircraft he or she will maintain. The SP/LSA rule lists those course requirements as:

  • Airplanes—120 hours

  • Weight-Shift Control Aircraft—104 hours

  • Powered Parachutes—104 hours

  • Gliders or lighter-than-air craft—80 hours. A light-sport repairman with a maintenance rating may exercise the privileges of this certificate on any aircraft within the class of aircraft for which he or she is trained.